So welcome to the spacious herbacious. I’m a twenty-two year old graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with B.A.’s in Philosophy and History of Art and Architecture. I’ve created this site because of an itching desire to grow. I have many interests but few passions…this site is the first step in changing that. In this space, I hope to give you writings on all sorts of fresh things from music to movies, and travel to football (the world kind, not the American kind). For me, this space is free. It’s open. It’s not sure what direction it will grow. But in all honesty, that doesn’t matter. Where the sun shines on it, it will flourish. Thanks for being here.

Also, if photography is more your thing, head over to my photoblog: http://crowdofclouds.wordpress.com/. I’m generally a quiet person with more thoughts than words, so this is where I let the lens do the talking.

*** All Images and information on https://thespaciousherbacious.wordpress.com/ are mine. Please don’t reproduce them to make money! (though feel free to tell me how could make money) If you would like to use any of the imagery and text to make someone laugh or cry, convince someone to take a journey, or god forbid disseminate my work to the masses, DO IT! ***