The Roots Day Tuesday #1

Hello all!

Today marks the very first installment of Roots Day Tuesday’s, where I will post a quote from the huge back catalog of The Legendary Roots. Expect posts from their songs or sparsely heard interviews that are just…well, legendary.

Seeing as how it’s a new year, I’m gonna keep it fresh this week with a quote from the new album, undun:

Illegal activity controls my black symphony

Orchestrated like it happened incidentally

Oh…there I go

From a man to a memory damn

Wonder if my fam will remember me

– Black Thought on Sleep

So, these lines pretty much sum up the concept of the album from the perspective of the focal character. Notice the repetition of cadence in Black Thought’s “oh…there I go,” and Aaron Livingston’s “there goes…my honey bee,” from the intro verse. Not the only time on the album (or even the song) that the group revisits core sounds, words, and concepts – a mark of the band’s growth and understanding of good music as opposed to good hip-hop.

Stay tuned for next week’s clip from the Legendary Roots’ scrapbook.