EP’s of 2011 – Kae Sun’s Outside the Barcode

Ok folks, in compiling my Albums of 2011, I have realized that 2011 was the year of the EP. So much brilliant music was released, but only three to six songs at a time by way of EP’s. It would be a damn dirty shame if all of this quality material were overlooked on end of year lists, however, an EP is an entirely different animal to an album. Albums are, and should be, judged by their cohesiveness as a whole. Their songs are assembled by the artist on purpose, for a reason. Sometimes the songs all have a backbone of common musical themes or styles, sometimes the album is lyrically tied together with storytelling qualities. No matter the case, an album has that extra criteria of judgment that a short EP just can’t compete with. So as not to discard great music just because it is not part of  a full album, I will be sprinkling in EP’s of the Year with my Albums of the Year. And here is the first:

Kae Sun – Outside the Barcode

Kae Sun’s Outside the Barcode is soulful, organic, beautifully simple African acoustic guitar and vocals music, with the help of a handclap or two. It feels good. You can sense that the lyrics and occasional vocal mannerisms have a familial resemblance to that of Bob Marley. Kae Sun’s energy is so fresh, yet he brings this timeless quality into his folkloric storytelling that makes it appear to outdate even Marley’s monumental rising up from oppression. Kae Sun’s voice and word go back to the beginning; his burden would seem to be that of all mankind.

Download the EP for FREE on his website: http://www.kaesunmusic.com/