“Punk Kids” – Shadows on Stars

by thespaciousherbacious

I know, you don’t have to tell me…this song is shallow, gimmicky, and repetitive. But for the first time I’m old enough that I’m quite often irritated by the naive machismo that youths of all generations have, so yes, at times I just wanna say, ‘you stupid fuckin’ punk kid!’ And along with that blunt attitude, this song captures something that’s been missing in mainstream rock for too long…PUNK. I know, I know, Green Day are, like, still totally revolutionary rebels, right? That’s not to say Shadows on Stars are the next The Clash, but at least they offer a fresh way to say ‘fuck you’. Plus, the perfect compliment of a video offers us a whole slew of hipsters and suits to build up the ire to say it.