new Radiation City single, ‘Find It of Use’

by thespaciousherbacious

Radiation City are set to be releasing an EP called Cool Nightmare comprised of tunes they’ve been writing of late as their tour makes its way to SXSW. This track off the EP is as reminiscent of their debut album, The Hands That Take Us, as it is foreign to it. Familiarly billowing crescendos of vaporous vocals slowly build up into clouds that catch the forceful wind of the exotic rhythm section. A welcome outro offers a reprisal of the jazzy mid-song bridge.

The song’s video is a nostalgic tribute to the road-travelin’ piano that the band decided to euthanize in grateful grace. You know, with sledgehammers, baseball bats, and other blunt objects. Observe the beautiful destruction below.

and download the track while you still can at the record label’s soundcloud here: